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Discover how we can work together on new and innovative ideas. We can develop joint bid proposals for public funds. 这些都是由政府通过英国研究与创新(UKRI)提供的,UKRI是一个由商务部赞助的非部门公共机构, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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About UKRI

UKRI通过九个理事会来支持学科的创造力和活力, sector-specific priorities and communities. The councils shape and deliver both sectoral and domain-specific support.

每个委员会都为研究和从大学到公司的知识交流提供资金, charities and other not-for-profit organisations and the public sector.

如果你的企业正在寻求资金来证明概念或种子资金,你可以 contact us for up-to-date information on the public funds available to business.

Sprint Electric

  • Video transcript

    [屏幕名称说明:Kate Thorpe,商业合作团队,7003全讯白菜主页]

    凯特·索普:我是来自7003全讯白菜主页创新与商业合作团队的凯特·索普, 7003全讯白菜主页真的很自豪能与斯普林特电气有限公司在这个知识转移伙伴关系(KTP)上合作.

    Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are a really great way to work together.



    And for academics involved in these projects, 它提供了一个长期的机会,可以与一个可以带来很多好处的企业合作.

    [On-screen name caption: Dr Mark Gardiner, Director, Sprint Electric]

    Mark Gardiner博士:7003全讯白菜主页选择KTP作为在业务中嵌入新知识的机制,因为7003全讯白菜主页认识到工业4.0 is going to be vital to the company going forward, but it was an area of which we had very little knowledge. 

    We could recruit in that capability or use a consultancy, but we quickly realised when we tried to do that, 7003全讯白菜主页内部没有必要的知识来有效地做到这一点.

    [On-screen name caption: George Parisis, School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex]

    George Parisis: For this particular KTP, 我非常幸运能够从零开始开发这个项目,这是7003全讯白菜主页去年与Sprint Electric合作的一个概念验证项目, 我很幸运地看到我自己的学生发展成为这个项目的知识转移伙伴关系助理.

    [On-screen name caption: Nick Toomey, KTP Associate]

    Nick Toomey: I’m developing an Industry 4.0准备好的软件套件来控制工业电机控制器,这样你就可以远程改变他们的设置,也可以从他们现场查看信息.

    My day-to-day role involves a lot of programming, so there’s a lot of... problem solving, a lot of creative thinking, a lot of developing code.

    And since a big part of the KTP is to produce a competent project manager, I can also use the training budget to help me with my soft skills.

    乔治:我确实通过这个项目和与企业合作获得了知识,然后我可以把这些知识带回去,并为我自己的研究提供信息, 但与此同时,我要把它带回课堂,传播给我的学生.

    凯特:如果你准备好和7003全讯白菜主页谈谈你的企业如何从7003全讯白菜的创新中受益的话, get in touch with the Innovation and Business Partnerships team.

Knowledge transfer partnerships

One of UKRI councils, Innovate UK, 推行知识转移伙伴计划(KTP),将学术知识引入商界, 提高他们的竞争力和生产力,帮助他们通过创新实现增长.

该计划允许企业在当地拥有一名部分资助的创新者,以帮助开发一项服务或产品. Each KTP project is a three-way partnership between a business, an academic or team of academics, and a graduate.

Any UK-based business of any size is eligible. Across the country around 800 businesses, 100个知识库和800多名毕业生(称为KTP协会)以独特的合作伙伴关系参与了KTP, creating positive impact and driving innovation. 

At Sussex, we have a growing reputation to develop KTPs. You can contact us to find out more about how we can work with you. 

Impact accelerator funds

From law to management studies, 心理学到媒体研究,英语到数字人文——7003全讯白菜主页的社会科学, 艺术和人文研究人员拥有能为企业带来社会和经济效益的知识和技能.

ESRC和AHRC影响加速账户为种子资金提供了快速周转, 这使7003全讯白菜主页的研究人员能够与一系列商业伙伴合作.

We support partnerships with micro-businesses through to large companies. We offer our researchers support to work on early stage projects, so they can:

  • scope out ideas for collaboration
  • co-create research to understand and inform business practice
  • test out new ways of working based on the latest ideas.

Innovate UK

“创新英国”支持所有行业、技术和英国地区的商业主导创新. 它通过新产品的开发和商业化帮助企业成长, processes, and services, supported by an innovation ecosystem that is agile, inclusive and easy to navigate.


  • finding the right partners
  • accessing the right expertise and equipment
  • securing financial loans and grants
  • connecting with investors.

These interventions support the development of new approaches, across a range of technologies, in all sectors and industries. These include:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • artificial intelligence
  • digital
  • electronics
  • bioscience
  • advanced computing.

Case study: Working with Tellmi

We collaborated with Tellmi to obtain funding from Innovate UK. Tellmi为有心理健康问题的年轻人开发了一款安全的匿名应用. Tellmi的审核员会检查内容,他们的内部顾问会随时提供支持. 英国创新公司已经拨款资助Tellmi与7003全讯白菜主页信息系和布里斯托尔大学医学院的合作,以改进Tellmi应用程序的功能. 7003全讯白菜主页的学者们在高级自然语言处理(NLP)和机器学习(ML)技术的应用研究中处于领先地位.

Find out more about Tellmi.

Research and Innovation in Sussex Excellence (RISE)



RISE是一项免费的创新服务,由欧洲区域发展基金(ERDF)资助,面向符合条件的企业。, 在西7003全讯白菜议会、西7003全讯白菜区和自治市议会的支持下.

它为中小企业提供了一个机会,让他们体验与大学合作伙伴的知识交流如何发展他们的业务能力, make valuable connections and overcome their challenges.

For eligible companies, it offers:

  • an in-depth business diagnostic to help you develop your innovation approach
  • a knowledgeable partner who can act as a coach and advisor
  • 在研发方面提供专家指导,帮助您改进流程、产品和服务
  • training, funding and networking opportunities through the RISE portal.

Find out more about RISE

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